2024 Concert Season      

     Jeff will spend 2024 touring across the United States giving solo recitals. His concert program consists of a variety of works which highlight the beauty of the classical guitar. Listed below is his concert program for 2024.

Rennaisance Lute Works
Recercari 1 and 2 in Eminor                            Joan Marie da Crema (15th Cent.)

Etude Sketches for the Guitar
                   Gerald Garcia (1949)
Red Sails                                               
The Golden Gorse
The Big Yellow
Heart of the Rose
Love the Sorcerer

Suite in G Major
Allemanda                                                     Esaias Resuner (1636-1679)

Souvenirs From Austria

Minuet and Trio                                              Anton Diabelli (1781-1858)
Andante Sostenuto   

Five Songs of Love For the Guitar                
Jose Luis Merlin (1952)
The Song of the Wanderer in Love
The Song of the Loneley Wanderer
A Lullabye For a Dead Soldier
The Broken Flute
The Song of All Wanderers

Guitar By Luthier Jim Holler of Jamestown, New York.

To include your location in Jeff 's tour, please contact him.